BGB-F-High Efficiency Coating Machine

The new type auto coating machine is designed for coating process solutions for all kinds of tablets, pills, granules, which can promote the coating production efficiency and guarantee material stability. Reliable process, interchangeable pan design, CIP design and good appearance conform to the requirements of GMP. Varieties of functions make the batch production time shorten, Satisfying different process requirements. It is the best choice for film coating, sugar coating.

BGB-F-High Efficiency Coating Machine

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1.More than 12 years experience in solid dosage equipment
2.State-level high-tech enterprise
3.Expert in making powder, pellet, granule, tablet, capsule, etc
4.Creative designer of turn-key solution
5.Specialize in manufacturing the complete line equipment at factory price
6.Innovator of intelligent information management system
7.Tailored equipment and 24/7 service
8.CE, ISO, TUV certificated
9.Enjoy a good reputation domestically and among nearly 30 countries
10.Provide overseas after sales service: installation, commissioning, trainging, SAT, etc.

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  • 1. CE certificates for SHLS&SHL&SHLG high shear mixer granulator
  • 7. CE certificates for ZTH mixer machine
  • 6. CE certificates for HLT&HLS mixer machine
  • 5. CE certificates for BGB coating machine
  • 4. CE certificates for lab FBD
  • 3.-CE-certificates-for-FGFL-FBD
  • 2. CE certificates for SHL&SHLG high shear mixer granulator



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